PUR NOIRE is a passionately crafted, ultra-premium wine brand. Our wines are vinted and bottled in the world-famous Napa Valley wine region. Our owners, Carissa and Kenneth Stephens developed their wine company from pure passion and grit. As serial entrepreneurs, they desired to bring a product to market in which they could share their passion for well-crafted wine with others.

At inception, Kenneth, a commercial litigation attorney, was on his computer working away on a legal document while Carissa, a blogger and content creator, was working on a new blog post. In the middle of them working Carissa said something that changed everything.

“Babe… we are both entrepreneurs by nature and I know that to us, working doesn’t feel like work, but if we are always going to be building, we need to build something together.”

From there a seed was planted and their wheels began turning about what they could do together. They’ve always shared a love for good food and the beverage that makes good food great, wine. Wine became their passion project. They dove in. They began feverishly researching, studying, tasting and reading. Then, during harvest season of 2019 they flew to Napa Valley, California to make their dream a reality.

The result is a family of ultra-premium wines and exciting experiences surroundingthose wines. We hope you enjoy our wines and our curated events as much as we enjoy bringing them both to you.

Craftsmanship You Can Taste

A Passion for Wine and Experiences.

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